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Dalton Nelson
Dalton Nelson
13:39 20 Aug 19
Fantastic group of people running the show here, all of them are knowledgeable and courteous . Best custom home builders in all of St.Augustine hands down .
William Greenwood
William Greenwood
00:17 29 Jul 19
Corner Construction built our home in Butler Beach Florida in 2019 & we couldn't be happier. Everything about the house is fantastic - the layout, the attention to detail, the quality of construction. Another often overlooked point - is what happens after the sale. Corner Construction & our builder Spirit have been amazing. We have had a couple of issues that were totally unrelated to the builder, but with the sub-contracted work. I feel like our builder should be wearing a cape with an S on it. Any questions we've had, any concerns, repairs... we've been completely taken care of. I couldn't recommend this company more highly!
Samuel Guarino
Samuel Guarino
15:31 27 Apr 19
Jeremy Robshaw
Jeremy Robshaw
18:04 08 May 18
History Detective
History Detective
14:20 28 Jul 17
Professional,Reliable and Honest with incredible vision to construct any outhouse into a penthouse.
Robert Zuzu
Robert Zuzu
18:45 26 Jul 13

Here are a few other testimonials.

Meade Marton-Coplan, Attorney at Law

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

In my experience in working with General Contractors, you have to like the person first. I base my relationship on whether I believe the person is competent to perform the project efficiently and effectively and at or near the budget agreed upon. Trust is another quality I seek in a General Contractor. Does he mean what he says. Does he say what he means.
Ryan was instantly likeable, personable and a man who didn't mind explaining construction terms and requirements more than once so everybody was always on the same page. He proved trustworthy, as well as accessible at most all times I had a question about the project. The buildout was well done and as on time as possible,considering weather constraints and construction materials availability. I feel confident in recommending Ryan's company Corner Construction for commercial buildouts.

Erica Norvell

We just had our kitchen remodeled with Corner Construction. I cannot express my complete satisfaction with not only my amazing new kitchen, but also with the professionalism demonstrated by Ryan and his team. The guys were so helpful EVERY step of the way. I especially appreciated how they seemed to treat my kitchen as if it was their own.
They cared about the design decisions we made and they always went above and beyond in making sure every detail was perfect. It was great to see how enthusiastic they were about the job they had done. My husband and I feel like we are in a new house. These words do not due justice to the complete satisfaction I feel. We are more than happy and so impressed by the end result!

Vernon Dixon

Dear Ryan,
Thank you for your diligent work, but, more than that, for your kind pleasant attitude toward my requests. That is very much appreciated.

Jim and Nancy

This is a "thank you" for everything. Your patience, your professionalism, your knowledge. Working on someone's home is a daunting task and you handled it with a skill far beyond your years. You were prompt, prepared and totally professional. Regardless of the "curveballs" this project threw your way, you handled each and every one. Your crew was polite, pleasant and extremely cooperative. The subs you hired were just as competent as you and your crew. This speaks highly of your managerial acumen.
I think it's completely appropriate to discuss "exceeding expectations." Ryan, you exceeded expectations not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. It's been a true pleasure. With fondest memories and best wishes for a wonderful future.

Pam & Jack Lassen

Now that we have settled into our dream home, I have had several people ask, “Would you ever build again?” My response is a resounding “YES” but only with Corner Construction! From the moment Ryan sat down with Jack and I on the first interview, I knew he would be our builder.  His honesty, patience and thoroughness created an instant relationship and which made our builder selection the easiest task.  Ryan’s keen perception of us coupled with his expertise caught a design issue that he new we would not be satisfied.  Before he made his recommendation, his team confirmed the change would be possible and provided the costs that allowed for a prompt decision and the change didn’t impact the schedule. Jack and I were the first to use his great tool of Builder Trend, which supports not only the builder but the customer as well.  Ryan continues to demonstrate his leadership and vision by now using technology to streamline his business. The entire team especially Rob & Alan, mitigated any stress that we had since we were out of state for most of the project.  On the occasion we had an opportunity to meet the subs, they were just as pleasant and patient as Corner. To quote: “Built on honest relationships” Corner built our dream home and we have forged friendships for life with Ryan and his team!