Know Your Property

Every custom home project begins with selecting the right piece of property to put the future house on. Choosing the correct “lot” can be a daunting task and can drastically affect the overall cost of the home you plan to build. Here is a list of some of the most important considerations you need to be aware of before purchasing any lot:
  1. What municipality is it located in?
  2. Is there an established HOA or ARB?
  3. What Flood zone is it located in?
  4. Are there utilities available?
  5. Do protected trees or animal habitats exist on the property?
  6. Are there considerable topography changes within the lot?
  7. Are there existing houses on adjacent lots or behind your property?
  8. Is it a corner lot?
  9. Are there soil types, suitable for traditional construction present on the property?
  10. Is the property located within a historic or preservation district?
  11. What size and or shape is your lot?
There are many considerations in creating a comprehensive construction budget and site-specific conditions make up a large portion of the true cost of construction.  The “Know Your Lot” series will dive into what you should look for while deciding on a property. I feel the following information is the first step in either making or breaking your custom home budget.  - Ryan Cornelison