Know Your Plans

Electric Plan

A home’s electric plan details very specific features and is one of the most commonly overlooked or ignored section of a home’s blueprints. During the design stage of a custom home, it is important to familiarize oneself with the electric plan and the included legend, which depicts what kind of devices and fixtures are used along with their respective locations. Also noted on electric plans are lines connecting switches so fixtures that indicate where and how lights are turned off and on.

Most home designers do a great job laying out fixtures and switches in a way that makes sense for a home, but it is important to include and specific details desired in a custom home in the planning stages to save time and money during the build. For example, many people like to have a refrigerator/freezer in their garage. It is best to make certain that there is adequate available power for the appliance and that the location is correct.

In addition to understanding how to read an electric plan, we like to emphasize the importance of knowing one’s habits. If you are like me, upon arriving home, the contents of your pockets are immediately placed on the first encountered horizontal surface. If you are like my wife, this habit drives you crazy. Wisely, an increasing number of our customers are incorporating “drop stations” which are often located inconspicuously near utility entrances where pockets may be emptied or filled upon arrival or departure. It is a good idea to have power outlets in these locations along with usb ports for charging electronic devices.