Know Your Budget

When having your custom home designed, it is critical to know your budget. There are many reasons why this is important, such as:

  1. To keep your personal finances in check throughout construction.
  2. To ensure that your home is marketable in the future should you or an heir choose to sell (it is important not to over-build or under-build for a particular neighborhood or location).
  3. To appropriately shop for finish materials such as tile and trim to match the building schedule.
  4. To set financial goals to meet or beat throughout the construction process.
  5. Understanding the difference between wants and needs.

Each home that we build is as unique as the customer for whom we build it. It only makes sense that each construction budget is generated specifically for a particular home with single customer in mind. In this series, we will explore the factors to consider when developing a budget and the importance of proper budgeting for keeping projects on track for a quick and value-rich finish.

-Alan Chappell